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Model ProFill 651


Single Sink Dispenser

dispenses one

Product, Spectrum Pink used as a Pre Rinse into a kitchen sink with the

turn of a ball valve.

Model ProFill 652


Dual Sink Dispenser

dispenses two products

into a kitchen sink with

the turn of a ball valve.

Spectrum Pink will be

dispensed for pot and pan

cleaner; Spectrum Food

Contact Sanitizer will be for


Available with Action Gap


Products for Single and Dual Sink Dispenser


Spectrum Pink Pot and Pan Detergent 2.5 Gallon = .05 a gallon of water


Spectrum Pink is  also used as a Presoak Product dispensing at same rate


Spectrum Food Contact Sanitizer 2.5 Gallon = .04 a gallon of water


Proposed Use for MOP SINK

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Spectrum Concentrated Glass Cleaner cost = .12 per filled quart bottle


Spectrum Lemon Concentrated

Lemon Disinfectant = .07 per filled quart bottle

Spectrum Concentrated Food Contact Sanitizer = .008 per filled quart bottle

Spectrum Red D Concentrated Degreaser =.13 per filled quart bottle

Dilution at HandTM Extreme

Dispensing System





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